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Q: How can a global retail brand encourage their consumers to go beyond buying products, and take action to gain awareness for equality during All-Star Weekend?

A: By creating a series of impactful, interactive spaces that invite visitors to become part of the Equality campaign, celebrate the game, and create dynamic product launches.



Traditionally, NBA All-Star Weekend is a time for Nike to celebrate basketball with new products. It’s one of their biggest sales events of the year. This year, they wanted something different. With All-Star Weekend 2017 still all about the celebration of the game, there was also a need to shift the consumers’ focus from driving sales, to the unique way sport teaches us about one another: enter, Nike’s Equality campaign. With the launch of this campaign, Nike sought to emphasize the importance of Black History Month, and create an equal vision between their athletes, and the fans.


Thousands of visitors helped celebrate equality by having their image captured, which was then added to the dynamic facade of the Equality Space. Coupled with dramatic warm lighting and materiality, we created an overwhelming, yet inviting collection of highly personal content throughout the environment. The portraits were seamlessly integrated with the faces of celebrity athletes, and their messages of equality. Its purpose was to make an instant impact, by showing that everyone can, and should stand up for the cause. Regardless of fame or anonymity.

Nine shoes were designed for Black History Month, so next door to the Equality Space, we created temporal moments for each shoe drop, conceived to elevate the drama of each limited edition release. A large-scale drop-clock installation was created to further hype product launches throughout the weekend. We also developed customized t-shirts within the retail space, which were unique to moments that happened in New Orleans during the events of All-Star Weekend.


We knew it’d be a challenge to shift consumer focus from buying a new product, to creating awareness about a social issue. With their vision statement in hand, we partnered with Nike’s team at the conceptual phase, all the way through to execution. There were two separate concepts; the first spoke to the traditional norm of celebrating basketball and new products. The second was crucial: the Equality space. This space allowed visitors to step out of the game and focus on expressions of diversity. Using calm, ambient lighting to contrast the hyper-busy Canal Street, bypassers were encouraged to come inside and slow down. Once immersed in the environment, visitors were invited to become part of the story by stepping into confessionals and speaking about what equality means to them.