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Content Development, Concept Development, Art Direction, User Experience, Exhibition Design, Interactive Design, Screen-based Content 

Q: How can Coca-Cola engage Times Square visitors with their new and exciting 3D billboard, and encourage them to share their experience on social media?

A: By designing an activation that connects the compelling content on their 3D billboard to a playful architectural built on the ground.



Coca-Cola needed to take their “Share an Ice Cold Coca-Cola” campaign to the next level, and came to SET to help launch an exciting new 3D billboard in Times Square. No small feat, considering their existing one was a New York City Icon. 


The billboard showed content that drove awareness to the sign’s unique 3D capability and connected the featured campaign down to the activation on the ground. Filtering animations and effervescence on the screen directed attention back to street level, like pixelation that acted as a countdown for water misters that were embedded in the sculpture. 

The design of the sculpture triggered visitors to enjoy a Coke from the iceboxes incorporated in the sculpture. Visitors sat on the sculpture in different poses in front of the newly released sign and creatively composed photos for their social channels. It instantly attracted other visitors at the busy Times Square, where an overwhelming 360,000 people daily walk through, and made them want to become part of the experience.


On street level SET created, with stringent usage requirements of the city in mind, a sculptural expression of the Coca-Cola brand by aligning color, form, and materials to Coca-Cola’s exacting brand guidelines and above the line campaign creative.