Introducing Bespoke: Our Custom Fabrication and Full-service Production Support Shop

MAY 30 2018

In partnership with Project Visual, we're launching Bespoke, a custom fabrication and full-service production support shop. 

Bespoke is a natural progression to round out our production offering by adding fabrication and installation. The time is right to provide a comprehensive service. We are listening to our clients and are fulfilling their wishes to offer in-house fabrication capabilities. Bespoke is built from the highest-level craftsmen, working alongside each other to promote reliable and efficient communication, projects completed with a singular focus and with the cost benefit of a one-stop shop

Led by Managing Director Prashant S Kulkarni, Bespoke aims to collaborate with retailers’ internal brand teams and agencies with experiential teams while also serving as the execution provider for SET clients. With its focus on handcrafting experiences within the luxury sector that crosses a broad spectrum through lifestyle, auto, fashion and technology, Bespoke provides the tools and expertise necessary to create a vivid visual narrative through in-store retail, windows and pop-up shops.

Bespoke provides a wealth of services, from high-quality custom fabrication, installation and prototyping to digital integration, interactivity and project management. The Bespoke workshop has a wide variety of capabilities, including woodworking, metal, large format printing and finishing. 

Learn more about what Bespoke can do for you on the website, or reach out to us at