Delivering on the Promise of Brand Experience

MARCH 22, 2018

Ivan Entchevitch, SET's Executive Creative Director writes in Advertising Week 360 about what brands can do to deliver on the promise of experiential.

For any brand looking to find powerful ways to connect with users, physical brand experiences are becoming an ever-growing part of the marketing mix for one simple reason – physical brand experiences work. They drive awareness, encourage preference, and do the best job of turning each hands-on interaction into an opportunity to communicate value. An example would be the Sprite Corner pop-up, a brand-themed bodega and secret music venue that celebrated both NYC as the birthplace of hip-hop and Sprite as one of the first brands to embrace the musical genre in a way that was interesting and culturally relevant.

But not all brand experiences are created equal. Creating a valuable brand experience is not just about building a few pop-ups or sponsoring an event.  It’s about taking the steps to make experience central to any marketing plan. 

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