Concept Development, Art Direction, User Experience, Visual Merchandising, Environment Design, Event Design

Q: How can Nike bring together Olympians and enthusiasts to celebrate the games, and the innovations that will inspire and propel them?

A: Create a dynamic and inspiring space that is equal parts clubhouse, showcase, and retail environment.



In the run up to the Rio games, Nike assembled the greatest European athletes in one place, to honor their participation and introduce the new products and media that would accompany them to Brazil. They also wanted to give the public a chance to get up close with these amazing athletes, while learning about the brand’s Olympic heritage. On top of that, Nike wanted them all to go home armed with exclusive footwear and apparel. So the experience needed to act as a popup retail environment that could truly inspire everyone in attendance.


We knew it would be a huge challenge to bring together so many stories in one space. Yet exclusivity with so many demands creates unique opportunities. We applied our expertise from retail, user, and brand experience, to devise the carefully planned, high impact visual elements that ultimately became unique shareable moments. In addition to creating a dramatic setting, we needed to develop highly detailed product displays that connect consumers directly with Nike innovation and its ties to the Olympics.


Athletes and consumers were welcomed into a courtyard that featured hero imagery on a massive scale, creating drama which tied the past to the present. They then entered into an extremely dramatic, immersive environment. On each end, elegant glass displays highlighted Nike's Olympic heritage and newly launched apparel. A representation of their track-spike innovation was focused in the center by the world's largest ferrofluid display. At one end of the space, an array of personalized lockers allowed each athlete to receive a pair of bespoke shoes, while cameras tracked their real-time reactions recorded from inside the locker. Consumers were able to shop and trial pinnacle Nike products, and share the moment from a engaging photo booth, made up of dimensionalized product elements. From the opening exclusive athlete celebration to the final day of consumer interaction, the Olympic Clubhouse was a massive success, generating more than 5 million total impressions and driving sales for exclusive products.