Creating buzz with Gen Z for American Eagle.

Creating buzz with Gen Z for American Eagle

Generation Z loves recreating and personalizing fashion. American Eagle enlisted SET to create an innovative new brand experience that would resonate with this next generation of shoppers. SET's two-part program empowered influencers to repurpose American Eagle denim to create new styles, creating a sharable moment while contributing to a social good.

First, SET launched the AE Creator Lab at the brand's flagship in Union Square, including a social campaign to build anticipating leading up to the event. Then came #AEjeans On Demand—key customers who donated time to youth charities in NYC received a same-day delivery of a pair of jeans with a limited-edition creator kit. SET sold every kit in only three hours.

There's a whole new generation of shoppers coming on the scene: Generation Z. Retailers are now confronted with the challenge to engage with this difficult demographic, one that don't respond to traditional marketing efforts. American Eagle was no exception. They required a creative brand experience to connect with Generation Z and reinforce their "Give Me What I Want" messaging. SET had the answer.

One thing that sets these young creators apart from their elders is an affinity for recreation—appropriating brands and assets and repurposing them to make something uniquely their own. SET seized on this truth, leveraging it to turn American Eagle into a canvas for co-creation while creating an opportunity to contribute to social good.

SET's strategy was two-fold. First, they launched the AE Creator Lab at the company's flagish #AEStudio in Union Square, fueling a social campaign and building a story leading up to the a live delivery in NYC.

SET chose the perfect setting for an innovative pop-up: The Oculus, a new retail space and transportation hub in downtown Manhattan serving 17 million New Yorkers each year. 

Second, came #AEJeans On Demand. 200 consumers who donated time to local youth art charities received a same-day delivery of a new pair of jeans, coupled with a limited-edition creator kit for maximum personalization.

SET sold all 200 kits in only three hours. The event itself achieved a 9M+ social reach, 4.5M+ impressions, 40K+ social engagements, and 100+ social posts.