Celebrating an icon on Nike #AirMaxDay in London.

Celebrating an icon on Nike #AirMaxDay in London.

Each year Nike celebrates Air Max Day, commemorating over 20 years of this revolutionary fan favorite. Nike tapped SET to design an innovative experience worthy of its most iconic shoe, and solidify Nike's reputation as a cutting-edge brand.

Three groundbreaking artists have shaped the Air Max over the years: Tinker Hatfield, Mark Parker, and Hiroshi Fujiwara. Inspired by each designer's contributions, SET took over Niketown London with multiple Air Max spaces, providing visitors fresh perspectives on the brand, and creating shareable moments for their social channels.

For the last 20 years the Air Max remains one of Nike's most popular shoes, a fan favorite. Every year Nike marks #AirMaxDay to celebrate the history of this iconic, best-selling product. The annual event sets a difficult tasks: topping each that came before.

Inspired by the open and easy to navigate experience of a bookstore, SET redefined what a carrier store could look like. Easily identifiable zones create relevant moments for shoppers. This layout brought Verizon’s ecosystem of services, accessories and devices together in a  human, warm and natural environment.

SET worked with Verizon from the strategy and concepting phase through to national delivery and rollout. A replica store environment was built on Verizon’s campus to bring leadership along on the transformation journey. Today, every store update and campaign is designed and built in this physical store environment prior to national rollout.

The Verizon Next Gen store concept accelerated growth for the brand, boosting profitability by 10% per store and redefining what carrier retail could look like in over 3,000 locations.