Opening up the millennial market with a BMW pop-up store


Opening up the millennial market with a BMW pop-up store

A thoughtful product launch that excites a younger audience


The Challenge

BMW was looking to grow their market share among millennials. It seemed like car-averse millennials don’t care about a traditional car buying experience, and rarely ever visit a space designed to sell them a car. Their revolutionary BMW i8 was designed for younger tech enthusiasts with a sense of environmental responsibility. That made the launch of the i8 the perfect time to reconnect with this audience.


Our Approach

To launch the new i8, Set Creative helped BMW bring the car to the audience in a retail environment they preferred – the shopping mall. Set Creative’s research showed that Southern California was the best market for this activation, with a saturation of high-end auto brands, all vying for consumer attention. The pop-up store introduced the millennial consumer to the design and technology of the revolutionary BMW i8.


Interactive displays, made out of over five thousand LEDs, responded to the movement of guests as they walk around, drawing them in and evoking the energy and the speed of the car. An art gallery wall with customizable options, materials and decals attracted consumers to the notion of designing their own BMW and to learn more about the inspiration behind the i8 design.

From this simple engagement, brand ambassadors could then help people discover the BMW models most relevant to their lifestyle and engage them in a sales conversation.


The Results

Over 85,000 consumers toured the BMW i8 launch pop-up in 10 weeks. The experience increased sales by 33% in the markets where they took place. BMW dealerships quickly requested a more permanent version of the retail space. Additionally, BMW asked Set Creative to take this pop-up a step further and design a more agile concept for a roll-out in markets across the US.