Nike SNKR Box Golden Air San Francisco


Celebrating US Olympic Basketball with the Nike SNKRS Box pop-up.

A branded retail experience like none other, made out of digital screens.

The Challenge

The US Men's Olympics Basketball Team is a major sponsorship asset for Nike. They wanted to create a memorable brand experience capturing the buzz of the Summer Games, amplifying this sponsorship, and connecting it to Nike's rich heritage of basketball shoes and apparel. Their idea was to build an immense sneaker box pop-up, where consumers could walk inside and immerse themselves in everything Nike.

Nike SNKRS Box_9.jpg

Our Approach

Nike approached Set Creative to make the Golden Air SNKRS box in San Francisco happen.

The pop-up was a massive digital production, built from the ground up. The framework of the box was built with struts and 350 exterior grade LED screens covered the outside. All screens together formed a living canvas that transformed the structure into a message wall with distinct brand moments, like Kevin Durant's debut as a Golden State Warrior and Team USA's Olympic achievements.

Inside the box was a retail space with a lit floor, showcasing Nike's iconic basketball shoes on custom produced glass pedestals that were hanging from the ceiling. Basketball fans experienced the sneaker company's legacy with the sport while shopping for its latest innovations. In addition to the pop-up, Set Creative designed and engineered a truck cover and visual merchandising to go with the experience.

Nike SNKRS Box_5.jpg

The Results

This shareable brand experience was featured in sneakerhead authorities Yardbarker, Sneakernews and Hypebeast. When all was said and done, over 3,500 unique visitors came to the center of San Francisco over the course of three days to engage with the SNKRS box firsthand. The concept was so successful that Nike took the box on tour to Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Nike SNKRS Box Pop Up.jpg