Helping Spotify turn knowledge into revenue.

Helping Spotify turn knowledge into revenue.

Spotify understands its audience better than anyone, but media buyers didn’t know that. To help them breakthrough as a top-tier media platform and attract more ad revenue, SET created an immersive brand experience using Spotify’s data to tell its own story.

The mesmerizing event featured live data visualizations and data curated music. Spotify was able to highlight the power and superiority of its audience data with personalized demonstrations at the party. With over 4,000 media buyers in attendance, the fun, interactive event made a huge impact on key players in 5 major North American and European markets, representing $1.2 billion media buying power.


Spotify understands its audience better than anyone else. The problem was that media buyers didn’t know. The brand needed to position itself as an innovative and disruptive Tier 1 media platform to attract more ad revenue. They asked SET Live to deliver a Spotify Brand Experience B2B Marketing Event.


SET Live’s strategy was to immerse media buyers in Spotify's audience data through striking physical visualizations and user interactions. SET Live believed that the power and superiority of Spotify's audience data would be most impactful if it could be demonstrated on a personal level for media buyers, live at the event.


The live display of data analysis began with an information-gathering invitation, culminating in a tailored in-person presentation of personalized data through impactful data visualization resulting in a mesmerizing experience at the event. Media buyers were then treated to a party of data curated music and live visualizations, connecting them in a personal and social context with the Spotify team.


The event was a targeted success. Spotify was able to demonstrate the transformational power of its data to over 4,000 influential media buyers representing $1.2 billion of media buying power across 5 major North American and European markets.

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