How SET introduced Sennheiser to American audiophiles.

For the last 70 years Sennheiser has been producing world-class headphones—some of the best according to audiophiles. But not everyone in the world knows it. SET stepped in to create a transformative pop-up retail experience introducing thousands of American music lovers to this quietly superior German brand.


Built in the World Trade Center Oculus in Lower Manhattan, The Sennheiser Soundscape featured a sculptural installation of over 2200 dichroic "sound rods," attracting commuters to compare their ear buds with Sennheiser's best. With this bold display, SET increased the company's profile in North America, and increased sales 17.5%.


Sennheiser produces some of the best headphones on the market—a revered brand among audiophiles. But this German audio manufacturer had not yet found its footing with North American listeners. So Sennheiser hired SET to introduce this new audience to their suite of world-class products.


SET chose the perfect setting for an innovative pop-up: The Oculus, a new retail space and transportation hub in downtown Manhattan serving 17 million New Yorkers each year.


Designed to evoke the image of rolling waves of sound, a sculpture of 2200 dichroic "sound rods" caught the eyes of commuters while they listened to music and podcasts on their headphones. Once attracted, SET offered them the opportunity for a real-time comparison of their inferior headphones and Sennheiser's hi-fi offerings.

SET_Senn_Oculus_12 Small.jpeg

The result? SET turned the volume up on this quietly superior European brand, penetrating the American market and opening the brand to a new world of consumers. This transformative retail experience delivered a 17.5% lift in sales.