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Q: How can Spotify position itself as an innovative and disruptive Tier 1 media platform that understands its audience better than anyone else can?

A: By creating an immersive experience that shows media buyers the superiority of Spotify’s music-driven data.



Users of most social platforms create fictional versions of themselves, and therefore create fictional data. But music is personal, so Spotify is in a completely unique position in the world of online media platforms because their users keep it real. Their data is pure. Spotify needed to find an authentic way to communicate this to the media buyers responsible for connecting brands and consumers in an authentic and personal way.


We quickly identified a few key insights. First, we knew that Spotify’s curated playlists, known as "Moments”, present a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers at just the right time and in the perfect context. We also knew that media buyers use Spotify Moments themselves. Finally, we recognize that media platforms (Spotify included) use sponsored events to connect with media buyers all the time – and here arose an opportunity. How could we leverage these insights to create an impactful and educational event for media buyers? One which would encourage them to use Spotify to connect with their audience.


The answer: The Spotify Branded Moments Roadshow. A series of events across EU and NA markets, consisting of three parts: an invitation which gathers data, a tailored in-person presentation driven by data, and a party featuring curated music and live visualizations made of that data. By showing media buyers that Spotify can elevate and utilize their personal data, we demonstrated the power of Spotify's data. The event was anchored by an immersive projection, which allowed partiers to interact directly with abstracted representations of the data. It provided a fun way to explore the data while revealing the personal connections that fueled the fun. In the end, more than 1,000 of the most influential media buyers in the world were exposed to the transformational power of Spotify’s data.