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Retail Strategy, Concept Development, Content Development, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Art Direction, Design Systems, Signage + Wayfinding 

Q: How can Verizon revitalize their store experience to attract young consumers?

A: By creating an experience that replicates how this audience shops today specifically related to online behavior and translating this to the physical retail footprint. 



To attract the next generation of consumers, Verizon needed a more intuitive, inviting, and self-guided shopping experience - one centered around curated products that support their lifestyle.


With their Next Gen Stores, Verizon has an easily replicable, yet adaptable concept to be rolled out across North America. We introduced warmth through materiality to balance the tech-heavy products being sold. Lifestyle photography, visual merchandising, and messaging told specific stories for each zone and season. Product adjacencies were created to achieve relatable connections that draw the right audience into the store.


SET developed a retail strategy and concept partnering with Verizon to map how people behave online and translate this to their physical stores. We recognized the need to create a more human, natural environment where products and services aligned more to people’s lifestyles - creating easily identifiable need based zones, developing benefit based conversational propositions to involve the consumer and ultimately creating an experience that was worth visiting rather than simply buying online.