Human After All - Why Retail Is Not Dying

In every retail conversation, two phrases keep ringing out across the marketing industry: “retail is dead” and “technology is taking over”. We believe retail has a bright and exciting future, and that people are an essential component of any successful, future-focused retail strategy. 

In the white paper 'Human After All' we take a look at the future of retail. We elaborate on existing research and facts that show that retail is not dying, and humans aren’t being replaced by technology. We reason that retail is evolving around new business models and behaviors, and people—assisted by technology—are the future for successful brands and businesses. And we show step by step what brands can do to keep up with this evolution.

At SET, we collaborate with brands to design interesting retail strategies and experiences, and we see the enduring power these executions have for businesses. Retail can drive sales as well as midfunnel measures, but it can also make a brand famous. However, successful retail strategies drive a clearer understanding of human behavior within an organization: they force companies to make sure that technology isn’t being employed for the sake of it, rather that humans are using technology to build compelling retail experiences. 

To read more about why retail is not dying and what brand can do in their experiential marketing plans to attract consumers, download the white paper 'Human After All'.


IMAGE: The different stages of a impactful brand experience that a consumer ideally goes through.