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Beauty brand experiences are as essential as the products they sell

Over the last year, the beauty industry enjoyed highs and lows. With the majority of our lives happening indoors, many consumers focused on self care, buying DIY skincare, haircare and other personal care products. A DIY community slowly emerged as people from all walks of life shared their routines with one another. To meet consumers' needs, many beauty labels started or expanded their digital footprint and were instantly rewarded with a rise in website traffic and online sales.

The journey has been an exhausting one for both brands and consumers - equally looking ahead to re-engage in the reopened world.

We see brands exploring new, exciting service formats and experiences that invite the broader beauty collective to join in bringing back positivity, joy and color to consumers.

As the world reopens and evolves, so too does the beauty industry. Below are three trends and three opportunities we think you should know right now to be ready for what comes next.

1.  The power of the collective

Words from the industry

“...when beauty professionals are offering beauty tutorials, the discussion between the customers and the artists...becomes almost like a social gathering.”

-Washington Post

Identified trend

Sharing of personal beauty routines during the pandemic saw the focus of the beauty industry shift from the individual to the collective.

Beauty became a social experience that transformed individual concerns into communal remedies, regardless of race, gender or skin tone.

Moment of opportunity

The time is right to celebrate and bring together diverse beauty micro-communities through dynamic experiences.

We’ve been busy ideating on how best to illuminate the entire spectrum of beauty through community empowering events and activations.


2. Disruptive pop-up moments

Words from the industry

“Beauty services are central to a sense of identity. And heading back to salons after a collective social trauma could be one way to recover some normalcy.”
- The New York Times

Identified trend

We’re all cleaning up to look as fresh as possible for our collective reemergence into the world.

Beauty brands can help by transitioning consumers from their DIY beauty routines at home to well deserved pampering and “treat yourself” moments IRL.

Moment of opportunity

In addition to traditional beauty spots, other ‘cleaning adjacent’ locations could be reimagined to surprise and delight.

We’ve got a strong POV on how unexpected pop-ups can drive huge PR and social chatter, particularly as the world gets going again.


3. Pampering experiences

Words from the industry

“Every area of wellness is being redesigned for a more aesthetically pleasing and sensory experience that translates as well as it does on Instagram as it does in-person.”

Identified trend

Inspired by next gen brands, the world of beauty is turning its back on the stark white lab-aesthetics of yesterday.

Beauty services and treatments are catching on as well by breaking free of expected locations, showing off new formats and a-la-carte services that feel more cheerful and effortless while revamping their relaxing purpose through a new aesthetic lens.

Moment of opportunity

With the world excited to get back to pampering, there’s never been a better time to overhaul what the experience looks and feels like.

We’ve been busy concepting the next wave of pampering experiences, and would love to show you our thinking.

These are just the headlines: the whole story is far more important to understand.

We’d love to take a deeper dive with you, so reach out now!