We are a creatively-led experiential agency. For over 17 years, we’ve proudly been conceiving, designing, and delivering memorable experiences that connect people with some of the world's leading brands. 

At Set Creative, we work as a single global team. We’re also part of WPP, and often find ourselves collaborating with the wider network to deliver campaigns that go beyond a single event, through smart integration across media channels. 

In fact, we always look for a way to deliver beyond the audience in attendance, amplifying key messages in an authentic and valuable way that resonates with the right people, in the right places, and at the right time.

We’re proud to work with Bentley, Google, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Mazda, HSBC, New Balance, Heineken, Vans, and many more. 

We have homes in New York, London, Portland, and Detroit as well as many other places to stay, thanks to our WPP family.

We believe pride is the
basis of all great work.

We prioritize pride. It has the power to smash targets, build reputations, attract talent and get the world talking. To ensure we achieve pride in everything we do, we have a guiding set of principles.

We embrace DEI

We understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion to our business and society. We’re working to be better in how we deliver events, how we spend and how we recruit. Our DEI

We act with integrity

When we take on a project, we’re up front about how much it costs, and will never make promises we can’t keep. If a piece of work isn’t right for us or our clients, we’ll say so, then work together to find a solution.

We strive for sustainability

From the materials we use, to the communities we work with, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and run a more sustainable business.

We sweat the collaboration 

We work collaboratively with our partners to make each and every campaign the best it can be, doing whatever it takes to shine at our bit, whilst helping our partners to shine at theirs.

We respect our people

Whether you’re a partner or a freelancer, we give everyone the treatment and respect they deserve. And we celebrate and value all the things that make us individuals.