A Drive-In Movie Theatre in the heart of the city

T-Mobile Street Movies


How can T-Mobile create a community of 18-22 year old customers in order to increase their loyalty to the brand and drive consideration amongst their peers.


Realising that cinema & car culture are a vital part of Birmingham’s youth identity, we created a Drive In Movie Theatre in the heart of the city built from scrap metal and shipping containers.

Every T-Mobile customer could apply for a free ticket for them and a car full of their mates. While those without a car could pre-book one of our “wrecks” for groups of five, those with mopeds could book a dedicated parking spot.

We developed a month long program of movies - appealing to all the cities many demographics and enhanced each screening with physical elements to bring them to life (from Zombies crawling over cars during Shaun of the Dead, to a car chase with the General Lee during the Dukes of Hazzard).

Much more than just a screening, cars could message each other via the main screen encouraging interaction and a series of surrounding bars and lounges encouraged guests out of their vehicles to socialise before and after the film.

Media partnerships with the Birmingham Post and local radio station BRMB as well as a campaign connecting the activity with local T-Mobile stores ensured high visibility and a strong attendance for the activity.

A Drive-In Movie Theatre in the heart of the city
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  • Street Movies attracted an audience of over 6,000 customers to a converted wasteland in the centre of Birmingham.
  • 92% of attendees left feeling more positive about T-Mobile.
  • 100% of attendees told their friends about their experience.
  • Measured against T-Mobile’s brand tracker, we created strong brand advocacy and a big shift in brand perception in the city.
  • The media campaign reached an audience of over 20M per event.

@mrbeast I'm glad he didn't pass out 😅 Thanks @Shopify for this crazy experience! Hope those of you that went had a good time! #heist #money ♬ original sound - MrBeast
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