Connecting with Gen Z through music for Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola wanted to build relevancy, drive credibility and connect with Gen Z through their #1 passion point: music. Centered around the idea of “meet-ups”, the brand zeroed in on activating at summer music festivals to reach their target consumer. The launch of their Coke Studio platform and larger Summer of Music campaign served as the backbone of their plans and Set Creative was engaged to create and produce the physical manifestation of Coke Studio.


Invite music festival-goers to a meaningful and uplifting experience where they can make their own music through the simple act of play - all the while introducing them to Coke Studio.

The 20x30 immersive and interactive footprint was designed, built and sound engineered to be larger-than-life musical instruments disguised as playground equipment. Each instrument or touchpoint engaged festival goers in a collaborative studio session. Every attendee interaction released layers of musical tracks contributing to an overall soundscape. Spin the Merry-Go-Round to make a melody, sit on the Swings to release the rhythm, tap the Touchpad to sprinkle in sound samples and twist the Equalizer knobs to enable various DJ effects. All attendee play resulting in a unique, collaborative track.

Ultimately across four music festivals, the Coke Studio footprint created endless shareable content-capture opportunities while driving authenticity with the brand and connecting Gen Z to Coke and Coke Studio.

Connecting with Gen Z through music for Coca-Cola
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  • 4 music festival activations (Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Osheaga) 
  • 775,000 total estimated festival attendance
  • 34,296 consumers through the footprints  
  • 5% of festival attendees visited Coke Studio 
  • 28,220 cans of Coca-Cola distributed (either 12 oz or 7.5 oz of Original Taste or Coke Zero Sugar)
@mrbeast I'm glad he didn't pass out 😅 Thanks @Shopify for this crazy experience! Hope those of you that went had a good time! #heist #money ♬ original sound - MrBeast

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