Humanizing the Verizon retail experience

A partnership with Verizon to reimagine the in-store brand experience


Verizon stores were cluttered spaces of devices and accessories. Consumers found them to be uninteresting and ineffective. Verizon engaged Set Creative to redesign their retail experience to make it a traffic driving brand asset, thus contributing to the overall brand perception and making it an enjoyable retail journey for their customers.


We designed the Verizon Next Gen Store to create a more open, warm and human environment. Inspired by the open and easy-to-navigate experience of a bookstore, we redefined what a carrier store could look like, and produced a more convenient shopping experience for their clients. Easily identifiable zones, like home, work, and play, created relevant moments for shoppers. This environmental design brought Verizon’s services, accessories and devices together in an environment enhanced by warm colors and natural materials.

It was a partnership with Verizon from the strategy and concepting phase through to national delivery and rollout. A replica store environment was built on Verizon’s campus to bring leadership along on the transformation journey. Today, every store update and campaign is designed and built in this physical store environment prior to national rollout.

Humanizing the Verizon retail experience
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The new store concept became a beacon for an experience-led business, and the definitive example of the new retail system to roll out across their 3000+ locations. The Verizon Next Gen store concept accelerated growth for the brand, boosting profitability by 10% per store.

Following the roll out of the new store concepts, Verizon partnered with us on their in-store activations for an extra push in drawing in Millennials and Gen Z audiences in some key locations.

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