Leading the Charge for bp Pulse at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Combining data, gamification, and innovative charging technology, bp pulse electrified their brand presence at the UK's iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed


bp pulse challenged us to help change the perception of their brand and service offer to current and potential UK customers visiting Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023 – showcasing the journey the brand had been on since acquiring charging infrastructure supplier, Chargemaster, through to the present day – and how they are continuing to evolve and innovate.


Our stand took a multi-pronged approach to bp pulse's brand storytelling. Using live data, exciting new charging technology and gamification to help visitors get to grips with bp pulse’s charging solutions.

  • Visitors were enticed to the stand with the promise of free mobile phone charging, powered by energy taken from a Hyundai Ionic 6 powered by a 300kW ultra-fast bp pulse charger, able to charge 32 phones at once
  • Once on stand they could engage with our positive data demo that talked to improvements and future plans of the bp pulse network, helped along by knowledgeable ambassadors
  • Visitors could access an exclusive bp pulse subscription offer available only to festival attendees.
  • They could also challenge themselves to keep up with bp pulse’s ultra-fast charger rollout, in a fun, quick reaction style 'Electrify the UK' game
Leading the Charge for bp Pulse at Goodwood Festival of Speed
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Over the three days of the festival:

  • 817 people charged their phones on stand using energy taken from a car charged through bp pulse chargers
  • 70% Charging capacity across the entire festival
  • 1214 people played the 'Electrify the UK' game
  • Exceeded subscription expectations to bp pulse's on-the-go offering
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