Returning LEGO® to the top of the holiday wishlist

Re-engaging kids through competition, e-sports, and teamwork with the ultimate LEGO® Escape Room experience


Kids and parents were losing interest and affinity for LEGO®, particularly boys aged 6-12. LEGO® approached Set Creative to help engage this audience with a holiday activation that would connect the multiple franchises of LEGO® with this key audience, getting LEGO® back on the wishlists of kids coming into the festive season.


Our key insight was simple: we needed to engage this audience via key passion points, and the way they engaged with one another.

At this age, boys connect through competition: they are driven by challenges, and often operate in hierarchical groups. We tied these two elements to their core interests: e-sports and the culture of ‘clans’, both hugely influential passion points for this Gen Z consumer.

We knew our experience had to do two things:

  1. Surprise them enough to be curious and take a second look (which meant not overtly branding the experience ‘LEGO®’)
  2. Unite the LEGO® franchises that appealed to the audience in a way that sparked their competitive spirit.

To achieve these goals, we designed and built ‘Create Your Escape’, a LEGO® powered escape room experience that saw kids team up with three friends and compete against rival SQUADs, and the clock.

Inside, challenges deliberately focused on group problem-solving and collaboration skills, bringing together the worlds of LEGO® with the passionate interests of the audience age group.

Returning LEGO® to the top of the holiday wishlist
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The ‘Create Your Escape’ experience spent one weekend in Minnesota, and one weekend in California.

Best of all, parents signed their kids up in advance, which allowed us to follow up via email with a photo of their kids at the activation and (most importantly) a link to the child’s preferred LEGO® franchise: a literal wishlist.

Over the course of 4 days, divided over Minneapolis, MN and Irvine, CA, there were 205 Create Your Escape sessions for 774 new friends of LEGO®.

At both locations, the attendance objective was exceeded by +20%, with a combined 33 additional sessions added.

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