An orgasmic multi-sensory beauty experience in London


Bring the ‘Orgasm’ product range to life for London’s beauty press and influencers (so they can spread the word far and wide), create an experience for the target market to understand the product and its positioning.


A unified experience comprising of five interactive rooms designed to stimulate one of the five senses: sight, touch, smell, sound and taste - each with a relevant and shareable social output. 

Guests could swing through perfumed clouds of mist, ride a mirrored carousel photo-booth, push through a touch-and-play latex balloon room and a giant vibrating spherical peep show - all designed to make them feel stimulated and of course, blush!

The digital journey was created using RFID cards given to each guest which enabled them to tap in and out of the experience rooms, each equipped with lighting and camera rigs to capture the perfect ‘gramable’ shot which was then sent automatically via email after they exited each room.

An orgasmic multi-sensory beauty experience in London
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A total of 1,768 Attendees (Influencers, VIPs, Consumers) experienced The O, with an average brand immersion time of 35 minutes per person. 

The event was covered in Vogue UK, Campaign, Dazed Digital, Glossy and other beauty industry media, reaching 2M+ consumers in the UK and beyond. 

@mrbeast I'm glad he didn't pass out 😅 Thanks @Shopify for this crazy experience! Hope those of you that went had a good time! #heist #money ♬ original sound - MrBeast

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