Educating hands-on advertising professionals on the power of YouTube


Take the spirit of the lockdown inspired ‘HomeShows’ series we produced in 2021 and supercharge it. Make it more engaging, more insightful and more focussed on the audience’s needs: B-level advertising practitioners who are hands on delivering campaigns for their clients and partners.


We took the things that worked well. The product specialists and the real life client case studies… and wrapped them up in easily digestible magazine show format. 

We swapped the WFH aesthetic for a full studio space, designed with dedicated areas for each topic. Experienced, broadcast hosts helped stitch the segments together and a bit of star quality with creator interviews helped to turn the whole package into a credible show that was more watchable and more helpful to the audience. 

To ensure engagement, we added second screen interactivity, gifting opportunities and even the chance to come and watch live in the studio. All supported by a well planned comms campaign to ensure a high rate of attendance

Educating hands-on advertising professionals on the power of YouTube
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91% of invited guests, attended virtually with an average view duration of 75%

@mrbeast I'm glad he didn't pass out 😅 Thanks @Shopify for this crazy experience! Hope those of you that went had a good time! #heist #money ♬ original sound - MrBeast

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