Imagining the Difference at the 2024 TCS London Marathon

Elevating the TCS London Marathon experience across two distinct activation areas, we brought the title sponsor's story to life for thousands of runners and attendees, driving engagement and brand awareness


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) continue to grow their brand by breaking new ground in sports sponsorship, with 2024 marking their 3rd consecutive year as the TCS London Marathon title sponsor.

For the duration of their sponsorship, we’ve helped TCS leverage the London Marathon for their clients, employees and the wider community in order to deliver on 5 clearly defined objectives:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Drive client and employee engagement
  • Enhance event experiences through technology
  • Giving back to the community locally and globally
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle to our community


The 2024 activation was split across 2 core areas: 

The Running Show Expo

For athletes and participants, the marathon experience begins at the Running Show, an inspiring four-day event at which runners drop off their official kitbag, pick up their bib number, and ramp up the excitement for the race ahead. 

We used TCS’s presence at the show in order to bring to life their global sponsorship narrative ‘Imagine the Difference’. From the outset, the expo featured a multi-level storytelling canvas comprising hanging screens and tech-enabled structures that captivated guests, encouraged them to explore the stand further, and get hands-on with the interactive ‘wander in wonder’ showcase of TCS’ Digital Twin technology.  

Using 4K Holocapsules, interactive touchscreen experiences, and a digital replica of US marathon legend Des Linden's heart, audiences left with a deeper understanding of Digital Twin technology, and TCS’s wider contribution to the running community. Attendees were also invited to co-create and share their own Digital Twins through a unique Holostudio experience.

The TCS Clubhouse

A home for participating members of the TCS Run Club and their families on race day, the Clubhouse space sits right by the finish line (making it highly visible across multiple media channels) and provides a valuable opportunity for TCS to get closer to their clients and partners in a non-work (but equally high performance) environment.

For family members, the Clubhouse provides a raceside experience that gets them as close to the track as any non-runner possibly could, allowing them to show their support at the very moment their loved ones need it most. 

For runners, the Clubhouse acts as a recovery zone at the end of the race - with space dedicated to post race massages, a specially designed menu, and of course, the chance to relive the experience with colleagues and loved ones. Over the race weekend, we hosted a total of 1259 Run Club members.

Imagining the Difference at the 2024 TCS London Marathon
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  • 2,362 visitors engaged with our holocapsule experience >
  • 1,633 of those created and shared their own digital twin videos >
  • 25% of which were posted using the brands event hashtag >
  • 14,339 hashtag engagements registered from these posts.
  • 1259 Pax visited our hospitality area
  • 22,188 belief booster messages submitted
  • $69 mil+ media exposure delivered

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