Telling the TCS story as the London Marathon's headline sponsor


For the second year as Title Sponsor of the London Marathon, TCS challenged us build on the success of year one. Dialling up the brand storytelling with a refreshed approach to runner communication across the Running Show and their start & finish line hospitality. These spaces were designed  to enhance the runner experience, whilst also educating businesses and consumers on TCS and it’s CSR endeavours.



The stand at the Running Show, educated visitors on what TCS does best – technology. While the brand was again brought to life through a series of insta-worthy, video gateways, the key interactive focus was the TCS London Marathon app. 

Using eight giant mobile devices, visitors could explore all the best features of the app; discovering runner tracking, sending belief boosters, taking framed selfies and lots more besides.

As a homage to the belief booster feature – and a gentle nudge to the audience to send one to their runner this year – we also created a giant #BeliefRunsLondon wall motif, made from 1000’s of real belief boosters sent by supporters last Marathon.


Our hospitality space at the finish line was again the location to be seen during the London Marathon & Mini Marathon where we entertained TCS sponsored runners, their guests and VIPs.

This year, with our creation of the TCS Run Club, a global initiative that is due to appear at TCS sponsored Marathons around the world, the finish line hospitality became the clubhouse, a place for our runners to connect, to learn, to replenish, and the perfect environment for their families to show their support.

The core of the space was designed as a high-end networking area, while our race-side structure got guests as close to the track as any non-runner possibly could, creating a real connection between our guests and the runners.

Telling the TCS story as the London Marathon's headline sponsor
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    • 1,739 people sent selfies via our app feature
    • 2,264 selfies were sent from our podium moment
    • 17,993 Belief Booster messages were submitted on stand  
    • 5,920 app demos were completed on stand

    The Running Show stand not only became the ultimate place to get a selfie, but was also used as a backdrop for the BBC’s TV broadcast.

    Mark Bogaerts, TCS Director Brand & Sponsorship Europe/UK
    TCS London Marathon was again next level. You keep on delivering to such high standards and are really part of the team. You make us shine as a brand and as a sponsorship team. Relentless effort, eye for detail and quality, fresh creative thinking, not afraid to challenge our assumptions, reliable, solid and consistent throughout. It’s a total joy, even after 9 years and we look forward to many more, keep up the fantastic work.

    @mrbeast I'm glad he didn't pass out 😅 Thanks @Shopify for this crazy experience! Hope those of you that went had a good time! #heist #money ♬ original sound - MrBeast

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